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Can we talk about how Electron doesn't support Wayland so when you fractionally scale on a HiDPI monitor, every app written in that stack looks like fuzzy garbage? I know it's Chromium's fault, but also like ... they hitched their wagon to that cart so ...

I sometimes ponder throwing away my idea of what a computer is and trying to live exclusively off a tablet, docking station, and VM. I fear this would be a waste of time, ending like my Chromebook experiment did with the realization that those devices are great but aren't for me.

“To be, or not to be,” vulnerable… How customers and partners can understand and track Red Hat security vulnerabilities

I'm starting to get phantom phone vibrations in the pocket where my phone isn't. This is concerning me on so many levels.

IBM Fellow Fran Allen spent her career advancing the field of computing and inspired generations of technologists.

An introduction to crun, a fast and low-memory footprint container runtime via by @rhatdan @vlntnrthbrg @gscrivano

The internet is largely held together by shell scripts.

Peace, Love, and Open Source. ☮️❤️👩‍💻👨‍💻

I met a woman today with terminal cancer, two children, and a husband who left because he couldn't cope. She wants nothing from anyone, just happy to have each day she has left. She was the most positive person I've met in recent memory and I am shook. Puts things in perspective.

View Red Hat’s response to Boot Hole Vulnerability - GRUB 2 boot loader - (CVE-2020-10713):

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