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I do love that I can add progressive web apps to my home screen via on but I still wish this was normal back when was making a run at becoming a real thing because that whole endeavor might have ended differently... I can dream. 🙂

I'm heading home. Brno has been as lovely as ever. I enjoy visiting every time I come, but this trip is bittersweet because I'm unable to attend @devconf_cz this year ☹️

Love you wonderful humans, go forth and collaborate on wonderful open source! I will see you next year ❤️

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I donated to @mozilla today because I and will continue to monthly. Join me and help build + protect the Web forever

I've come to the conclusion that I want a mid range phone with rapid software updates and a flagship class camera for snapping photos of my kids. I'm pretty sure I'll get the Pixel 4a when it comes out and then never again spend obnoxious money on a smartphone.

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Hey folks, my team at @SUSE is looking for some reinforcement. You'd be working in the SUSE Manager team and it's all about datacenter management software. Your focus would be Salt. So expect to see a lot of Python code, but occasionally also some Java. This is a position. Europe would be ideal, but we've also got someone from Australia on the team. About the people: They are awesome! DM me if you've got questions!

Correction, I've been effectively "open web" guilted into sticking with Firefox ... but Bitwarden is still amazing. 🙂

I've officially switched to Brave browser and Bitwarden, big fan of both so far. Well done to all involved.

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Hey all -- shameless plug for some job openings that I am looking to fill at Red Hat:

Principal Software Engineer

Senior Principal Software Engineer

New year -- new job?


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