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@lucasdondo fair enough, Brave is a solid browser and I have no real qualms with it other than it's Sync service needs more feature work. I'm sure they'll get there though. I was recently convinced to switch back to Firefox because otherwise everything is Chromium based and then Google has complete control the web which is a future I don't want.

@lucasdondo I like it, it's too slow but I like the UI/UX ... I wish the nav bar was at the bottom on the screen and there was a dark theme but other than that I enjoy it. Nothing is perfect though. There's a new version in the works though, check out "Firefox Preview nightly for developers" in the Play Store.

@nargas I have not, but I've also my felt like I needed it so I never really thought about it.

I do love that I can add progressive web apps to my home screen via on but I still wish this was normal back when was making a run at becoming a real thing because that whole endeavor might have ended differently... I can dream. 🙂

I'm heading home. Brno has been as lovely as ever. I enjoy visiting every time I come, but this trip is bittersweet because I'm unable to attend @devconf_cz this year ☹️

Love you wonderful humans, go forth and collaborate on wonderful open source! I will see you next year ❤️

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@vbatts I personally stick with haproxy because it's what I know and it's been stable for over a decade but if I were to venture out, I'd give caddy ( a go (especially now that they got their licensing sorted). Heard good things about nginx though so can't knock it.

I donated to @mozilla today because I and will continue to monthly. Join me and help build + protect the Web forever

I've come to the conclusion that I want a mid range phone with rapid software updates and a flagship class camera for snapping photos of my kids. I'm pretty sure I'll get the Pixel 4a when it comes out and then never again spend obnoxious money on a smartphone.

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Hey folks, my team at @SUSE is looking for some reinforcement. You'd be working in the SUSE Manager team and it's all about datacenter management software. Your focus would be Salt. So expect to see a lot of Python code, but occasionally also some Java. This is a position. Europe would be ideal, but we've also got someone from Australia on the team. About the people: They are awesome! DM me if you've got questions!

@mike I treat tmux like my terminal and use whatever is default for the DE without tabs or scrolling enabled. I have a custom config that gives me i3wm style keyboard combinations I've really enjoyed it. YMMV.

Correction, I've been effectively "open web" guilted into sticking with Firefox ... but Bitwarden is still amazing. 🙂

@vordenken @fatboy nothing, but I've come to prefer the Chromium-based browser UX over Firefox's. However, I don't want Google Chrome for various reasons. Brave is a sweet spot for me personally. It's FOSS, protects privacy, is Chromium based, and supports the handful of extensions I use.

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