@returntrip we're remote friendly, but I need to check with the hiring manager about what geographies. I know only certain places are allowed because of legal and budget reasons but I don't know which ones. Will report back on Monday.

I'm helping build a team to work on Edge Computing Management and Automation at Red Hat!

Who wants in?

We're hiring for multiple positions, junior up through senior candidates.

Hit me up!

Samsung extends security updates for Galaxy phones to 4 years zd.net/2NtWgJW via @ZDNet & @mrcippy

@jollyrogue maybe ... it's also possible that as those platforms go closed source, their customers move to the inevitable fork of each of their final open source releases because the fork will eventually surpass the capability and popularity of the original. Alternatively, they'll just go use something else in due time.

@jollyrogue I disagree and I think open source distributions like Arch, debian, devuan, and gentoo are standing ovations to this reality. A popular open source project with a thriving community can produce something completely independent of a corporate interest.

I will agree that this isn't true of all open source projects, some are absolutely the result of corporate involvement. However the community can fork and do whatever they like, and they should be able to.

Stop trying to solve business problems with software licenses.

If you get upset that someone is exercising their freedoms by using your open source code in a manner you don't like, you've missed the point of said freedoms.

The open source community is not beholden to any corporate motivation or any company's bottom line.

Friendly reminder that Pulp (v3+) is awesome. If you're not familiar with it, or haven't looked at it in a while, go check it out. It's an awesome tool to manage content at scale.


@friend to me that reads as, "we're upset that the fork reimplemented closed source features as open source" but maybe not. The point stands, they don't understand how any of this works. Open Source is not a business model, and they are no longer members of the Open Source ecosystem because they exist under a non open source license.

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