Fedora Workstation is so good and keeps getting better, my Ansible playbook to setup my dev machines keeps getting smaller and smaller and doing less and less over time. ❤️

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Fedora Linux 36 is GO for release next Tuesday!

I had a ton of fun with CentOS Stream 9 on my desktops/laptops but I'm heading back to Fedora for those machines. CentOS Stream 9 will continue to power my servers and homelab, but Fedora Workstation is just too good to be replaced for long in my life. ❤️

@mattdm I've been here for what feels like forever and it's basically a vacant lot with a few people hanging around and a bunch of bots. I want it to be awesome and the potential is there, but it just never seems to gain traction even though it's very mature and a viable alternative at this point.

@pswilde @uther@mastodon.roocita.com agreed! I greatly enjoy the engagement here. 🙂

@uther@mastodon.roocita.com certainly! Happy to. 🙂

@holgerjakobs they might be right, I don't know. I have a personal preference but it's not inherently right or wrong. I think both Alma and Rocky will be around for many years to come and are both perfectly reasonable options.

@Makdaam yes, that. They are both perfectly reasonable options. I prefer Alma but I don't think there's a wrong answer here.

@uther@mastodon.roocita.com I am.

For me it's larrgely about their non-profit status, the community Alma has built, the power of the project governance belongs to the community, and they are actively engaged with Fedora EPEL and CentOS Stream for upstream contribution. YMMV.

Nothing wrong with Rocky, but I prefer Alma.

The CentOS topic keeps coming up so here we go.

My recommendations are in this order:

1. Use RHEL, there are many zero cost options.
2. Use CentOS Stream.
3. Use AlmaLinux.

If 1 doesn't fit your needs, move to 2. If 2 doesn't fit for your needs, move to 3.

Pull container images faster with partial pulls red.ht/3Heqeso via by @gscrivano @rhatdan

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