Alright, so ansible-navigator is absolutely amazing and I don't think anyone understands how excited I am about it. 😀

Alright, Kubernetes by Example is pretty awesome.

Kudos to the KBE Team!

$35/year seems like a small price to pay to help keep Phoronix up and running for the long haul. It's been a staple in the Linux world for a very long time and an invaluable resource for all sorts of news and benchmark information over the years.

Not that anyone cares, but I have returned to the promised land and am using Firefox again. It's good to be back and the issue I was facing seems to be gone. ❤️

I feel like the only open source nerd without the Mars badge on GitHub right now. 😕

I've been really nerding out on golang. There's an elegance in the language's conciseness, simplicity, and guiding philosophy of the designers to not extend it in ways that violate that simplicity with unnecessary language features. Wish I had more dev time to gain proficiency. 😕

@Defolos Fedora one was swag for an event, not sure if they are available anymore. Ansible one I bought on but it doesn't appear to be listed anymore. ☹️

@jason123santa I'll be honest, I can't put a tangible "this list of things" together, but there's something about they way the distro is assembled and their tooling that I just really like. It's really good IMO, but YMMV. I've not tested any desktop other than KDE on openSUSE because I typically use it headless.

openSUSE is underrated.

I'm a Fedora/RHEL nerd but I have a lot of respect for the openSUSE Community and the great work they do.

Be great, be kind, I'm rooting for everyone.

Long live open source excellence. ❤️

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