Friendly reminder that Pulp (v3+) is awesome. If you're not familiar with it, or haven't looked at it in a while, go check it out. It's an awesome tool to manage content at scale.

I genuinely enjoy using RHEL on my desktop and laptop machines but I found myself in a HiDPI situation that brought me back to Fedora Workstation on my main laptop.

Fedora Workstation 32 and GNOME 3.36 are both exceptionally good. Kudos to everyone involved!

Ansible Playbooks to replicate my setup if anyone's interested (it's not very customized, but this makes reinstalls easy):

dotfiles if anyone wants to play along:


I bought a Latitude 13 (7930) and it is without a doubt my personal favorite laptop I've ever used or owned. It also runs both and like a dream, not to mention having fwupd ( support! Can not recommend this thing enough. 👍😁👍

Any or (or really any ) contributors want to buy an used ThinkPad X390 (Core i5-8265U , 16GB of RAM, 128GB SSD)?

I'll sell it cheap to someone who intends to use it to contribute to open source! 🙂


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