openSUSE is underrated.

I'm a Fedora/RHEL nerd but I have a lot of respect for the openSUSE Community and the great work they do.

Be great, be kind, I'm rooting for everyone.

Long live open source excellence. ❤️

@maxamillion Put OpenSUSE on a usb stick and tried the live version.
It has to much YAST things that could just be hidden instead of shown in the application launcher.

It also felt slower compared to other distros and the DEs had a weird theme that should of not been added.

I want to know why you and other people might like OpenSUSE.

@jason123santa a couple of reasons why I prefer : I think it is more complete, and a lot of things just works after a install. There is buildservice rpm for almost everything I fantasize about.
But I use everyday at work and that is fine to, like @maxamillion I am not religious. And on my host runs a couple of installs to. I don't recognize suse as slower, that must be due to running it of a stick.

@MrManor @maxamillion
I need to try OpenSUSE some time then. It is nice to have something work right after an install.
As far as distributions go I am not stuck to one distribution. Have Mint on my main desktop and Void on my laptop. Both are great for different things.

@jason123santa I'll be honest, I can't put a tangible "this list of things" together, but there's something about they way the distro is assembled and their tooling that I just really like. It's really good IMO, but YMMV. I've not tested any desktop other than KDE on openSUSE because I typically use it headless.

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