I fear for the future of Firefox and the web. I think about this a lot. I donate to Mozilla but I've stopped using Firefox in the meantime because it's just not doing what I need it to. We're moving towards Chromium being IE6 all over again.

I have feelings about all of this. 😐

@maxamillion Considering how they spend their money and how much money they get from Google, I would highly advice that you donate your money to someone who actually cares about you, the web and someone who's actually trying to do good.

I also don't think the issue is lack of alternatives and world domination by one big bad web browser. The issue is all the ignorant people who creates a web around proprietary software and non-free standards.

@maxamillion It's like with weapons. We have a lot of them and it's people who choose to use them against other people. As you probably heard a thousand times before: weapons don't kill people, people kill people.

It's the exact same scenario with the web. It's not software who's hurting the web, it's people hurting the web.

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