I sometimes ponder throwing away my idea of what a computer is and trying to live exclusively off a tablet, docking station, and VM. I fear this would be a waste of time, ending like my Chromebook experiment did with the realization that those devices are great but aren't for me.

@maxamillion I'm actually pretty near this right now, although on my mobile phone. I use my personal laptop maybe once or twice on weekends.

@ehashman I love the tablet form factor. I think the Surface Pro line is great hardware and if they worked with full upstream kernel support and fwupd I'd own one already.

@maxamillion a Linux tablet with enough horsepower could do a lot, especially if connecting it to keyboards and monitors was easy. Still would want a NAS of some kind.

@daniel yes! I think that would be ideal. I've decided that what I want is basically a Surface Pro style device with great Linux (and fwupd) support. Sadly these things do not, and likely will never, exist.

@maxamillion @daniel I'm over technology. Tablets and phones have crap ecosystems and even crappier batteries. FOSS based devices are still in the most basic of stages. The devices we have are designed to surveil and prey upon us. I've reduced my usage by half during this coronavirus catastrophe, and ideally want my usage to be less than one third of my current usage. Until we get devices that can respect privacy, I'm out. It's not a privilege. It's a right.

@Citizenzibb @maxamillion You're not wrong. I think the devices you want are coming or can be MacGyver'ed together. The real problem are the ecosystems that have become pervasive throughout society and the world. Even if we get the devices we want, it will be, "Play by our rules or you get cut off" from the vast majority of the net and businesses who are all in on these ecosystems. It's what is happening with these cashless businesses and credit card companies. My money is no good?

@daniel @maxamillion @daniel @maxamillion I am of the opinion that payment in the predominant legal tender (cash) should always be accepted. However, the treasury says otherwise:

It comes down to the states to decide what to impose on business, and a few have decided cash must be accepted:

I don't trust cashless stores, and will walk out of one.

@daniel @maxamillion I don't want advertising profiles being made using my purchases and being targeted back at me or sold off, which many banks engage in regardless if you use credit or debit. I want a system that does what I ask of it and minds it's own damn business. It's not a big ask; if I am immune to warrantless searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment, why the hell should a tech company think they have the right to subject me to the same any time they please?

@daniel @Citizenzibb there's an unfortunate amount of truth in y'all's replies ... ☹️

@maxamillion @Citizenzibb What do you think the odds are that I can get my 15yo daughter and her friends to get this stuff and care?

@daniel @maxamillion once her icloud gets hacked I'm sure she'll get on board.

@maxamillion not trying to be a debbie downer, I'm genuinely sorry if it reads that way.

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