I do love that I can add progressive web apps to my home screen via on but I still wish this was normal back when was making a run at becoming a real thing because that whole endeavor might have ended differently... I can dream. πŸ™‚

@maxamillion Do you find a way to use addon like ublock origin with pwa ?

@nargas I have not, but I've also my felt like I needed it so I never really thought about it.

@maxamillion if we can't protect ourself from spying with PWA I can't recommand to use it except FLOSS PWA πŸ˜‘

@maxamillion In my opinion, OS should not be released until they make a really good :firefox: FireFox :android: app. I mean, it's awfull!!!!! It has a very poor UI (Not to mention that UX).

@lucasdondo I like it, it's too slow but I like the UI/UX ... I wish the nav bar was at the bottom on the screen and there was a dark theme but other than that I enjoy it. Nothing is perfect though. There's a new version in the works though, check out "Firefox Preview nightly for developers" in the Play Store.

@maxamillion I'll check it out, but it's unlikely to convince me to stop using

@lucasdondo fair enough, Brave is a solid browser and I have no real qualms with it other than it's Sync service needs more feature work. I'm sure they'll get there though. I was recently convinced to switch back to Firefox because otherwise everything is Chromium based and then Google has complete control the web which is a future I don't want.

@maxamillion Yeah, I completely agree with all that!!! That's (The Chromium thing you said) one of the main reasons I try to still use :firefox: FireFox, at least in PC (In PC FireFox is way superior than Chromium, while in mobile the best experience is Chromium).
As you said, Brave isn't that good when it comes to syncing, but the Brave Rewards is a feature that I love to contribute to :opensource: (And get rid of and )

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