I've come to the conclusion that I want a mid range phone with rapid software updates and a flagship class camera for snapping photos of my kids. I'm pretty sure I'll get the Pixel 4a when it comes out and then never again spend obnoxious money on a smartphone.

@jameshjacksonjr I need a phone that works reliably instead of a developer platform. I have considered picking up one of the Sony Xperia devices that has official SailfishOS support though.

@maxamillion thats what i use the first is n9 middle is xperia x and last one is xperia 10+ im a huge sailfishOS user

@jameshjacksonjr nice! I backed the tablet that never happened and I was really hoping they'd start making phones that would sell in the USA. The Sony devices are nice though, so as long as they keep chugging along I'd gladly give them money for an independent open source phone OS.

@maxamillion i too backed that tablet been using SFOS sence 2013 im in USA too hard to get but i bad some one from europe get me a jolla phone back then in 2013

@jameshjacksonjr how's the photo quality on the Xperia 10 with SailfishOS? That's my main hesitation because I use my phone for photos of my kids all the time.

@maxamillion welcome follow his youtube channel he does lots of SFOS videos all the time and on here he is @leszek he is also a SFOS app developer his web browser is my daily driver browser i use!!

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