I've officially switched to Brave browser and Bitwarden, big fan of both so far. Well done to all involved.

@fatboy Firefox and Chrome (depending on device), but now I'm 100% Brave

@vordenken @fatboy nothing, but I've come to prefer the Chromium-based browser UX over Firefox's. However, I don't want Google Chrome for various reasons. Brave is a sweet spot for me personally. It's FOSS, protects privacy, is Chromium based, and supports the handful of extensions I use.

@maxamillion @fatboy Brave itself has a lot of weird stuff going on business and privacy wise.. The UX is indeed nicer, but Firefox is the last major browser (besides safari on mac and ios) to protect us against a full monopoly. Because in the end, even if chromium is foss it’s still under googles control and they’ve shown that just recently:

@vordenken @maxamillion And for the sake of the internet we need maximum amount of users that don't use Chrome or anything Chromium based

@fatboy @maxamillion Exactly. In my opinion since project quantum, firefox is a good alternative to chrome. I don’t use anything else at home or work.

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