I'm helping build a team to work on Edge Computing Management and Automation at Red Hat!

Who wants in?

We're hiring for multiple positions, junior up through senior candidates.

Hit me up!

Samsung extends security updates for Galaxy phones to 4 years zd.net/2NtWgJW via @ZDNet & @mrcippy

Stop trying to solve business problems with software licenses.

If you get upset that someone is exercising their freedoms by using your open source code in a manner you don't like, you've missed the point of said freedoms.

The open source community is not beholden to any corporate motivation or any company's bottom line.

Friendly reminder that Pulp (v3+) is awesome. If you're not familiar with it, or haven't looked at it in a while, go check it out. It's an awesome tool to manage content at scale.


It turns out @elastic doesn't understand how open source works.



BeagleV: The First Affordable RISC-V Computer Designed to Run Linux


I saw someone on Reddit use an old out of commission PlayStation 2 as their RaspberryPi 4 case and now I want to build Linux servers inside old game consoles for no reason.

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