This thing really goes on my nerves, and especially in many "activist" or "prosletising" communities, I've tried to approach it from a friendly perspective, and I hope I succeeded somewhat.

So this is the big question I have today:

Why do we keep on telling others what to do?


@sotolf I wrote a long comment on reddit recently advocating the same approach, the author was trying to convince the audience to move to mastodon from twitter/FB, and ... well this is what I wrote:

@mattrose Hehe, it's funny how you can get the complete same thought so easily like we say at home "To sjeler én tanke, to rasshøl en planke"[1] :p now that I think about it that saying doesn't make too much sense, but it rhymes, so I guess that's good enough :p

(1) "To souls one thought, two assholes one board (like the old outside toilets)"

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