My first negative feedback on ebay from someone who doesn't understand that "untested and sold as seen" means the thing may not work.

(Ancient ZX Spectrum cassette games that apparently wouldn't load. Ho hum.)

I'm currently alternating between a Lily 58 and a Corne at home, with a Kyria in my office at work. MDA keycaps FTW!

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A couple of split keyboards on display, doing their bit towards helping us sell our house. Let's Split being guarded by the soldiers, Sofle v1 behind.

Last of the ZX Spectrum games will soon be on their way too, and the Acorn gear went last week. Now just to decide how to deal with the boxes of unreadable floppy discs...

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My stack of old motherboards and other computer gear has finally made its way from the loft to the local computer recycling centre. Very pleased to see the back of it all!

#Cycling friends please tag yourself. Why cycling matters to you?

I started cycling because it made me happy, continued because it saved me money, persisted because it improved my health and now because it will help save the planet. #LoveCycling

Clearing out the loft, selling off a ton of old ZX Spectrum games. Really surprised at how active the market is for some of these things!

Hi, I'm Matt and I've just moved here from another instance. Not part of the great Twitter exodus, honest!
I'm a software developer, Java mostly, specialising in open source search. I currently work on a large bioinformatics search engine, built on Lucene core. Also a long-term Linux user - currently EndeavourOS, after RedHat/Mandrake/Gentoo/Mint.
I'm also a big music fan and build split mechanical keyboards for fun. Nice to meet you all!


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