I recently decided to release all of the code, diagrams, PCB designs and BOM of the biggest project I've made hoping that the Open Source community will improve it way beyond of what I could by myself.

It's a rally computer for motorcycles. You can see a detailed writeup and find the GitHub repository with all the information here:


At the moment in my life I am trying to get myself, friends and family the furthest away from Facebook as possible, I get this email...

I just got an email from haveibeenpwned.com/ stating that my username, password and other sensitive information has been leaked in a Thingiverse data breach that happened yesterday.

Luckily I use a password manager, and the used password was a randomly generated one.

If you own a Thingiverse account, go change your password now!
Also, subscribing to haveibeenpwned.com/ is really useful.

Back in May this year, I made 3 proposals for new emojis: "binoculars", "gavel" and "thief".
I'm happy to see that the 3 of them are under consideration at this moment:

If all goes well and they accept them, they should be released next year 🤞

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Wow! Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Now I have a bunch of people to follow :)

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I chose Fosstodon because it's the instance that represents my interests the most. So I guess this is my :)
I am looking for people to follow, so if you have any recommendations, please toot!

Hi all! I'm new to the Fediverse in general and to Mastodon in particular. This is my first post ever!


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