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I now realise that the poll is not visible on mobile

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Distro of choice?

Anyone know of any movement regarding miracast/widi ( in general) on Linux these days?

It's kind of annoying professionally when things like screenbeams are showing up in meeting rooms and I am unable to use them from my workstation

Are most of these developments waiting on ?

(I am aware that chromecast works through chrome)

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Thanks! This is such a big improvement over last time. Great to see Linux gaming represented truly as it is today, especially with a cheaky shoutout to' hard work to boot

Even though its planned power works and we've moved everything to the DR site, a dark and silent server room is still a scary sight to behold

Overwatch has been my guilty pleasure lately - its easy just to jump in blow some stuff up and then get on with other stuff. Plus the number of moves and strategies you can take on is immense. Shame it's not native but it runs so well in wine with

plus this just before

@protonvpn any chance of adding plus servers that are Netflix capable to the UK?

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Just joined! Glad to be part of this!

I discovered Mastodon after reading about the "Re-decentralizing the Internet" movement. It hit me right on the nose. Being a developer who's worked in media and ad tech, and someone with kids, I'm concerned about the direction we seem to be moving in. Joining this community is my first small step towards decentralization of my "personal infrastructure" and taking back ownership of our data and privacy.

Sony's Venom movie 

Had a lot of potential, Sony and Disney both would have benefited if it were an MCU film. Should have tried harder to make a deal.

Average comic book action movie overall, but with some pretty impressive sequences (motorbike chase), fun deadpoolesque humour at times. Let down by lack of Spiderman.

Finally LineageOS'd my Oneplus 6 - how good is @fdroidorg as a system app!

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@jrswab @radicalrobit We've just published a more elaborate comment on why AMP for emails is bad:

Thanks for asking! 👍

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We consider AMP an attempt by Google to take control over the web. Now they want to control your inbox too. Email is not an app platform or ad platform, it is a communication medium. We have no plans currently to support this and it means that you will receive just normal emails as usual. The best way to stop email from being colonized by Google is to use privacy-conscious alternatives and tell others to do the same. 😉


Tried a local equivalent of the (they called in the Beyond Burger) a plant based mince meat replacement. Wow these things have come a long way since the meat replacements like Soy Sausages.

If you served the burger to someone they might not notice, unless they were a foodie or something. Would I pay the surcharge everytime I want a burger? No. But if meat production disappeared for whatever reason(environment etc), I think this could be the answer.

@fdroidorg is there a way to export a list of my installed fdroid apps and then import on a new or recently wiped device?

Sunday morning Exchange Cumulative Updates! Fun Fun

Last night one of my dogs (she's a 3 legged English Staffy) managed to hook her front leg in my headphone cable and pull my Desktop PC off the desk onto the floor!

Very lucky, the only damage is a slight crack on the little coloured circle that signifies the speaker output on the audio jacks on the motherboard... oh and my 3.5mm to 6.3mm converter will never play music again

On my drive this morning the local radio station told people to stop calling 000 (Austalian equivalent of 911 or 999) because and Instagram being down did not constitute an

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