check out the in Picture mode in - very nice. I used to open YouTube links in and turn off the UI and window borders to watch a video while working.

This is easier

Last night one of my dogs (she's a 3 legged English Staffy) managed to hook her front leg in my headphone cable and pull my Desktop PC off the desk onto the floor!

Very lucky, the only damage is a slight crack on the little coloured circle that signifies the speaker output on the audio jacks on the motherboard... oh and my 3.5mm to 6.3mm converter will never play music again

on Monday

My nova Launcher on my smartphone. Yes I still use some google services, but only minimaly, don't shoot me

this table is why I still use ifconfig after its been deprecated so long, ip commands are ssoo long

I keep trolling my boss on the bash prompt of one of our linux servers (its an older one that still runs opensuse, whereas I have standardised on CentOS). It started out as snarky comments about SUSE vs CentOS, it has escalated...

here's what he'll see when he first logs in via ssh

Students internet usage today

You can see bell times and morning break


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