@kev @mike have you guys considered having an xmpp instance for @fosstodon?

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@mike The fact that even otherwise well-informed people are not aware of those changes yet shows that there is still more work to do, despite our promo overall having improved a lot since we hired two marketing contractors last year.
Looks like another push to enlighten the world about our brand and software structure might be in order, @kde ;)

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Anyone in UK. I need to switch broadband... Who's good and has united service?

Been using my Nexus 6 (Shamu, 2014) as my daily phone for the last few days. Damn this was a good device.

That non-stock galaxy I've been using can go on ebay I thinks

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@rtwx @mattmcnutt @BO41 @Matter I don't understand humans. Back in the 70s people freaked out when they heard their phone was tapped or that their houses were bugged. Now, they invite spyware onto their phones, houses, use Facebook to post private photos etc.
Fuck knows.

The Android version and all the Samsung tweaks on the Galaxy S8 I got with my phone plan is so bad and the hardware so fragile I am considering going back to my Nexus 6 (shamu).

Kind of regret giving away my Nexus 6P to a family member.

Manyverse (A social network off the grid) - f-droid.org/app/se.manyver

Has anyone given this a go? The barrier for entry seems higher than even mastodon for non techies

This makes some great points about modern software development, and sums up my feelings on ip vs ifconfig perfectly


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I only ever use Windows 10 briefly for various reasons at work, but when I do I'm reminded that WOW Windows 10 is hot garbage. Not just the incredible levels of Microsoft adware but the system itself doing whatever it wants whenever it wants and all these arbitrary annoying glitches.

Is there a "clone"? Feddit if it were? Every subreddit would be an instance type thing?

I feel like there is an opportunity here

If you run your own server, have a look at the bookmarks app, you can couple it with an extension like for Firefox or Chromium and keep your bookmark sync controlled by you.

@indie after all your talking it up, I'm giving Vivaldi a try (my impression previously was that it was just another chromium rebuild).

So far I like the split views and the web panels (I'm tooting this from a web panel)

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(the main viewer has an image of a CAPTCHA)
Picard: Data can you identify the origin of this strange text?
Data: What text, sir?
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@kde The KDE organization makes me so happy. It's not all perfect, but so many things are SO GOOD. Plasma is really quite wonderful. Just bought a Nexus 5X to check out Plasma Mobile while waiting for the Librem 5 from @Purism

The Largest single disk I have ever worked with

I am noticing in regards to flatpak & snap packages is the lack of adherence to system theme settings

As a KDE user I am noticing even qt based apps are defaulting to breeze (I use breeze dark) and in snap packages we get ubuntu cursors. Also seeing snaps unable to access fonts installed in the system.

I guess this is the drawback to the sandboxing - they literally can't access the local settings. Someone is probably going to have to write a bridge to carry these settings over for users

Gah, Apple acquired Invisage and their quantumfilm image sensors. They were supposed to be restoring the true colour gamut to our TV and Movies, this wasn't supposed to happen πŸ˜•


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Ads for youtube premiun on android have gotten so annoying that I've just uninstalled it and switched to new pipe full time! Good work google.

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