Developer workstation build thread 

The general idea is to keep the budget low by avoiding RGB and fancy stuff and just look for performance in the tasks I mentioned above, so I put together the following parts list.

Do you folks see glaring mistakes or potential improvements?

Also, since this is not urgent (I can get by on my current system), do you think is worth waiting a few months to get the parts for cheaper?

Here is the parts list:

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Developer workstation build thread 

I mostly work in Linux (90%-ish), but I do RARELY dual-boot to Win10 for a specific compiler/IDE combo for a specific IC (*cough* Silicon Labs + IAR *cough*). Performance in Win10 is not important though, as those are small builds for tiny systems.
So I went for a high core count CPU like the 3960X.

I do no gaming or AI/CUDA work whatsoever, so GPU performance is not an issue; I might like to have a multi-monitor setup, but at the moment multi=2.

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Developer workstation build thread 


I am looking to build a workstation for development; I mostly do embedded work, most of which can take advantage of parallel builds... all of it actually, it's just that some tasks are fast anyway (e.g. bare silicon builds for Nordic chips, total build time... 50 seconds) and some are definitely not (fully from source embedded Linux builds that can run into the hours).

I read more about for . There's plenty of articles on why this is bad, too, just like AMP for sites. Have at it! 🙂

New toy! Das Keyboard Ultimate - cherry brown.
Now to discover a way to remap the volume knob to other functions!

Sometimes I wonder about the carbon footprint of current technologies (e.g. CI/CD that spins up a docker container to run literally 5 command and shut it down again, or the machine ops overhead of writing a GUI app in python vs C)... Is there any study on that?

If you had a design for an ARM Linux module (mostly intended for makers, but also as a reusable compute component for bigger designs), where would you ask for community feedback about the specs and feature list?

If the involuntarily celibate are incels, are the partners of vegetarians invegs?

Thinking about moving my from Digtalocean to Hetzner. Would be time intensive but the prices are incredible and it's a nearly-local company. 🤔

Bugreports be like:

"There is a bug, can you give me an option to not have a bug?"

Thinking of a desktop build for Linux development. Mostly buildroot/openWRT/yocto... any advice about this parts list?

Found a set of driver patches in an old linux-compat release that disappeared in recent kernels (5.x).
It is not dead code (it makes Realtek 8188eu chips work with the rtl8xxxu driver!)

I merged it back into 5.4 and it works.
What's my best course of action? Should I try and get it merged in the kernel? The author has not replied since October...

Looking for a WiFi IC (ideally module, but open to naked IC) that fits:
- Linux drivers support 2.4GHz coexistence
- does AP mode
Extra points of the interface is USB, but open to SDIO or similar (can't be PCI, I need to connect it to an Allwinner A13 ARM SoC)

Anybody has suggestions to get me out of this quagmire? :)


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