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@vwbusguy More formal ones, I guess. But is that really the desired vibe?

I see that when I replied to myself just now, it didn't do that. Maybe I'm just not getting something?

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And it's weird. Like, if you're having a normal conversation with someone and you say their name first every time you speak, that's be odd. And if you both do it back and forth.....?

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I think Mastodon should also copy twitter's move of separating "who is in this reply to?" into metadata rather that all of the @ mention handle stuff. Especially since the handles get long with the server domain in there. It's unwieldy and unfriendly.

@KuJoe Yeah, I'd be happy with that design — rather than the "top posting" approach Twitter has, in my followers' feed show the post being quoted as a reblog, plus right below (with some visual connector), my specific reply. All with one button.

@KuJoe That makes sense if the only option is to reply, but there is also "reblog". I don't think "naked" reblog add much. I want to know why you, the person I am following, think this other thing is interesting.

Is there a way to do the equipment of a quote-tweet on Mastodon? I often want to add a comment rather than just re-share — and I also prefer when someone explains why they're retweeting (or retooting or whatever).

I love this! KDE has never really "clicked" for me personally but I appreciate everyone who works on making it awesome. Thanks @veronicaexplains for your kind words!

We are clearly winning the hashtag over literal hats on YouTube — Less so on twitter, but I think getting more and more in our favor over time. I wish I had a way to get a running historical trendline for the ratio!

@Mehrad It's important to know that GNOME as an organization / project doesn't have _any_ developer-hours allocated ... all developers are volunteers or paid by a company to work on the project. (Or both!) So, we can't really _push_ in a meaningful way, but we can advocate.

Fedora Social Hour in ~ 30 minutes. Join in the Matrix chat room and then we'll launch a video call. Details here:

Ok I know this isn't important but: every writer or editor who capitalizes "Dumpster" even when it is not a Dempster Dumpster brand name trademark waste receptacle, please also capitalize Escalator at all times for logical consistency. Thank you.

OH: "I was quote-unquote vegetarian for a long time. Like, a year and a half."

I'm going to do a Business Hot Take. And that is: managers should be classed as "individual contributors".

@RyuKurisu That would be a nice situation, yes. But it's not the one we are in. 803 patients in the hospital right now, and 78 in the ICU. And increases in the wastewater surveillance generally precede hospitalization increases by 4-7 days.

@skyfaller I didn't realize people would be so curious. Should have known better! I'll write something up.

If it goes over 2560 copies/mL, they'll start blinking. Which... hopefully will not be a thing again. Butttttt the trend isn't looking good so.

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