@Tay0 LOL — to be fair, I don't think I said it was great or anything. I am just very,, very used to it and it's hard to change habits. I'm curious how this experiment goes!

It's my dad!
RT @NotreDame
Verlin Miller is an artist plying a unique trade: He makes doors.

His skill and craftsmanship can be seen all over campus having made over 300 doors for Notre Dame and @saintmarys, including the @NDBasilica doors.

Around Nürnberg? Join — one of our series of local/regional meetups since we can't do a big whole-world Flock conference again yet.


If you invite me to your Slack, and there is a mandatory channel that has more-than-oh-say-once-a-decade all-channel notifications I can't suppress, I am sorry but I don't need to be there that badly.

I use unique email addresses for different companies. Some of these addresses now get lots of spam, so obviously they were either sold or compromised. Top offenders: Holiday Inn, O'Reilly, Infoworld, Linux Magazine, and, um, Myspace.

@benjaminhollon @morxemplum
I change the em dash sequence to just - -, because I rarely ever need an en dash.

For GNOME users: Have you set up a compose key?

(If not, you should; it's fantastic. My use case is in a reply.)

@lkundrak I love that building! Prague has such a rich mix of architecture — a crazy twisty melty Gehry building right next to others that are hundreds of years old.

I'm poking fun because, while I do expect profesional architectural and real-estate photos to pay attention to details — including this — it's really a trivial thing. I'd say the more import concern of a skilled photographer (pro or not!) is *lighting*. And actually the examples he was so excited about did a poor job on that front.

@dhruvasambrani Historically, a bellows or tilt-shift lens was used to shift the perspective to create an images with parallel verticals. Nowadays, it's a single-click automatic operation in a RAW processing program. (In other words, the filter counteracts the natural effect rather than the other way around.)

@dhruvasambrani Vertical lines generally are *not* parallel to each other, simply due to perspective. However, since we mostly exist at ground level, our mental model does not account for that, and when we see a photograph — which simply reflects the actual perspective, as it can do nothing else. This is one of the reasons looking up from the base of a skyscraper can induce vertigo — your brain wasn't expecting that!

A Real Estate Guy once told me that the sign of a true professional photographer is: all of the vertical lines are parallel.

huh. I guess that makes sense — but leaves the problem. I saw someone reply to me with a new line before the actual message and I'm going to copy that — it seems a little nicer at least.

Exactly — that's the whole disconnection that apparently led to deciding against such a feature in the first place.

So I should just get in the habit backspacing people's handles when I start a reply, and encourage others to as well? Is there a downside?

Ok, it seems to know to show that that was a reply. So... why is the app putting the handle there as the default text? Is it _just_ to annoy me? :)

Wait, what happens if I reply and delete your handle?

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