I think Mastodon should also copy twitter's move of separating "who is in this reply to?" into metadata rather that all of the @ mention handle stuff. Especially since the handles get long with the server domain in there. It's unwieldy and unfriendly.

And it's weird. Like, if you're having a normal conversation with someone and you say their name first every time you speak, that's be odd. And if you both do it back and forth.....?

I see that when I replied to myself just now, it didn't do that. Maybe I'm just not getting something?

@mattdm there's enough metadata to know what is a reply to what. Mastodon mostly decided notification/visibility based on mentions.
AP itself has all the to, cc, bcc and whatnot

So I should just get in the habit backspacing people's handles when I start a reply, and encourage others to as well? Is there a downside?

@mattdm I just checked this and discovered if you remove the name from the beginning of the reply it doesn't show the reply in their notifications/mentions. Not a huge deal if you're following a discussion closely but if somebody replies to you a week from now and removes your name from it I'm guessing you might not see it.


huh. I guess that makes sense — but leaves the problem. I saw someone reply to me with a new line before the actual message and I'm going to copy that — it seems a little nicer at least.


This method is nice, but it uses up 10 characters right off the bat for your username (probably varies based on username/instance domain length).

I was thinking the new line method + an icon of some sort just to keep it organized and without looking like a formal letter.

Maybe like:
Hello Matthew!

I'd probably abandon the idea after a day or as soon as I start replying on mobile. 🤣

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