Quick poll: do you use the GNOME Online Accounts functionality?

@mattdm @be FWIW, I love that it is part of the initial setup. At work, I can connect my work accounts right away. On my personal stuff, I can connect my Nextcloud right away. It's a great first login step for those that use this feature.

@mattdm no, because I use KDE. Especially since KDE finally got Overview.

Though KDE's Nextcloud OAuth is broken.

@root @mattdm I recently tested KDE for the first time in years, one of the reasons it didn't stick was that the KDE is lacking functionality and what was there didn't work right. Lack of Kerberos support was the main issue

@mattdm making this a multiple-choice poll is a smart move, was about to say "Yes, I do, but I don't think it's really as useful as one would wish to." Now I can express that in the poll :) thanks!

@sheogorath LOL. That would be more "oh, that's a cute but surprising way to choose between multi and single choice in the fosstodon UI" than an intentional choice but glad it worked out.

@mattdm Wow, I just checked how it works in the current mastodon version, I thought there was a switch available, but it just switches between multiple-choice and single-choice mode, by clicking on the checkboxes when creating a poll 👀

I can see how this end up as it is!

@mattdm Used to and probably will again! But I said "no" because "not at present".

I stopped because Nextcloud was lacking functionality (I want the finer grain control of offline sync and online-only that the native app provides). I also used to use IMAP over GNOME Accounts, but switched to offlineIMAP when I switched to Mutt for email.

If I went back to Google Calendar, I'd almost certainly use GNOME Online Accounts for it.

@mattdm I do! I even have more than one application talking to my Nextcloud account. Wish it received more love, though.

@beli3ver @mattdm I figured out that if you add it through Evolution, it'll show up in other apps. Evolution can't be installed as a snap or flatpak for this to work, and I don't believe the apps you want to access it can be either, though I haven't tested that.

@mattdm Technically, only because I use (and love) Evolution, which in turn uses goa.
I'm running i3wm

@mattdm Yes! I very much appreciate the Nextcloud integration out of box provided by it!

@mattdm I primarily use it for the kerberos integration for FAS accounts, and sometimes to mount my Google Drive

@mattdm I technically do in order to setup IMAP, but no support for CardDAV and CalDAV makes GOA, Calendar and Contacts less useful to me… 😢

@danirod @mattdm There is actually CardDAV and CalDAV support, but you have to add them through Evolution. Evolution can't be installed as a flatpak or snap for this to work. Once you've got it set up, you should be good to uninstall Evolution again.

No idea why GNOME doesn't just allow you to add it through the settings app, since the API supports it.

@mattdm I used it only to add a WebDAV connection to Nextcloud, so technically I use it but I wouldn't have missed it if it was gone.

@mattdm I would be so much more into it if it allowed me to add CalDAV and CardDAV from the settings page. To get that working, I had to add my CalDAV and CardDAV through Evolution, then it showed up in other apps.

@mattdm nextcloud calendar and contacts; gmail and imap mail (

@mattdm Yes, I use it for corporate Google and Fedora account integration.

@mattdm bit late to the party, but yes, for direct Nextcloud integration in Nautilus. Awesome feature!

@mattdm poll has expired but yes I do. Nextcloud/Google accounts in there.

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