We are clearly winning the hashtag over literal hats on YouTube — youtube.com/hashtag/fedora. Less so on twitter, but I think getting more and more in our favor over time. I wish I had a way to get a running historical trendline for the ratio!

Fedora Social Hour in ~ 30 minutes. Join in the Matrix chat room and then we'll launch a video call. Details here: discussion.fedoraproject.org/t

Ok I know this isn't important but: every writer or editor who capitalizes "Dumpster" even when it is not a Dempster Dumpster brand name trademark waste receptacle, please also capitalize Escalator at all times for logical consistency. Thank you.

OH: "I was quote-unquote vegetarian for a long time. Like, a year and a half."

I'm going to do a Business Hot Take. And that is: managers should be classed as "individual contributors".

If it goes over 2560 copies/mL, they'll start blinking. Which... hopefully will not be a thing again. Butttttt the trend isn't looking good so.

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I'm getting the data from mwra.com/biobot/biobotdata.htm and doing unspeakable things to turn the PDF back into an actual table, and then the scale is the log₂ of the latest value ÷ 10, rounded down.

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The light switch by our front door has this row of programmable multi-color LEDs, and I set it up to reflect the latest regional covid-in-wastewater numbers on an exponential scale. So right now it looks like this...

"I heard someone say 'why is Fedora getting all this great press recently? they must be doing some sort of secret marketing campaign!' — well, let me assure you, we are not." — @rie_cat

If you join in _right now_ you can hear @MarkPea78902104 reveal all of the secrets of @Lenovo on :)

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@mattdm @BCotton @riecatnor Registration is still open: hopin.com/events/fedora-linux-

If you didn't make it yesterday, don't worry — come visit with us today! And if you did, see you again! :)
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We are kicking the Fedora Linux 36 Release Party off in about 2 minutes with intro remarks from @mattdm @FunnelFiasco & @rie_cat 🎉🎉 app.hopin.com/events/fedora-li

When this trailer started I thought it was going to be part of the How to Train Your Dragon series, but the end reveal is all Dominic Toretto.
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“Wherever we go, this family is our fortress.”

Watch the brand-new teaser trailer for : The Way of Water. Experience it only in theaters December 16, 2022.

And speaking of the Fedora Release Party... our friends over at @daskeyboard made something _really cool_: beautiful custom Fedora logo keyscaps! Come to the party to find out how to get yours!

We are at 550 registrations for the Fedora Linux 36 release party — @rie_cat says we can make it to 750! Tell your friends, share the link (and register yourself, of course). Unlike many Fedora events, Release Parties have a user focus (new users, too!)


I hope you are enjoying the wallpaper!
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I wish I had something insightful to say about the Fedora Silverblue 36 upgrade experience but since they made "upgrade day" the same as every other day there's really nothing for me to do today except enjoy the wallpaper.


Party time! (Well, actually — the party is on Friday and Saturday. See you there?)

Cultural reference poll! If I end a statement with "Film at 11", do you have any idea what I mean by that?

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