I started adding lyrics to a song today.

I am finally happy with my YouTube feed. I feel like I could scroll and randomly click on a link and I will be happy to watch the resulting video.

Today, the backend of Ikou started working as intended. It is written in Ada, it has a binding for LMDB (an embedded key-value database) and it uses fast compression (variable integer) for data. The primitives for my idea of a backend are done so I expect development to go fast now. 😀

Today I decided to use database encryption rather than language-based security.

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I have successfully joined 2 dokuwikis by simply copying the data folder over the other data folder and ignoring the common files. All the articles of the two wikis were there. That is probably harder to do for mediawiki since it uses a database.

I'm glad that "free as in freedom" exists in my language. 😀

Today's Lunduke's video about privacy was quite controversial. He says that anonymous accounts allows hateful speech. I think it's true. But I don't think that all my data should be public. Sometimes we say or note things to ourselves and we want to keep them due to shame or for security. For example, a psychiatric condition that you have or your credit card number. So in a few words, in my opinion, the amount of privacy depends on the target audience.

My cognition is kind of odd. It's not like AI where they will seek reward. I work AFTER having a reward because I always need to be sure that I will receive it no matter how attached I am to you. And if you yell or laugh at me I will not avoid doing what I'm doing. I will avoid YOU. Is there a name for this?

I will quit making Overkill because people don't seem to like it. I have another project that I'm making but I'm not sure what to do with it. It's an idea that comes in two forms: the simple one with a server; and another one that extends the idea of and . The version with a server is easier to make. I think it can make users happy but I will probably not profit from it. Maybe I should start a Kickstarter campaign.

The difference between work and a hobby is that work has a demand.

To be a is like being is heaven. I feel like being a working mathematical function where people put a need on the input, I do my thing and I produce an output. It's Heaven and Hell. ♫

A looks like a one-way function to me -- you translate the code once and you can't translate it back. A high-level language (has abstractions) is translated to a low-level language (very specific to an ISA). Decompilers suck because the computer cannot generalize it back to human language. Maybe something that looks like an intermediate language.
The same for . and for example.
Or maybe something that mixes computer code (e.g. dates) with markup such as a diary.

Don't connect an HDMI to VGA to a Raspberry because it causes under voltage.

It really pisses me off when some users remove good content if it does not contain a citation when it is just a google away. In this case I have to undo their undo to place the citation to the obvious statement. I'm not sure if they are worried about removing everything under their sight or if they are just dumb.

I've just edited the article about "alpha-gal allergy."

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