This is the most fascinating video I've ever seen:

"“I think the fragility of life also really shines through in this video because this embryo is just exposed to the world and all of the things we do to the world.”

Website filmmaker Jan van IJken:

For technology to be truly sustainable, it must be globally available and independent. The open distribution of sustainable technology, knowledge and data provides the basis for an ecological and economical global economy.

Thanks to all of you for your answers, I've learned a lot, I knew this was the best place to ask.

As a follow up, I was thinking of using the server to install a nextcloud instance and media storage/streaming for now while I'm learning.

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Started to think about setting up a Home server, but honestly I'm completely lost.

Do you know any good guides or any tips on the subject? Can I repurpose an old laptop or should I buy a new one?

Open source has been developed at a large scale over the past decades.And i believe there are more fields for open source to thrive,like open source hardware.These fields exist but they don't have the accordinate support.In a world where humans rights are violated for the profit of few,these people make the difference and we must support it.We started a race,and we must finish the open source master race.We have conquered many fields,but we mustn't accept the current situation and keep on.

"Hyperscalers [like #Facebook] have the same criteria of success as cancers. -- Why do you want to replicate #hyperscalers in Europe?"

Watch this invaluable rant of @aral in front of the European Parliament.


Super clever approach to stop companies who are accelerating climate change through fossil fuel extraction:

>> Go after the open-source code they depend on.

Get major open-source software libraries to use this:

🌏Climate Strike Software License

Is there any messaging app based on the Fediverese? If that even makes sense.

I mostly use WhatsApp (because my friends are all there). I tried persuading them to change, but Signal lack of features, when compared to the mainstream messaging apps, is a huge factor for most people not to use it.

Pharmaceutical giants have added $51 billion to their market value in 2020 as they scramble to develop a coronavirus vaccine

#phama #profits #2020

Illustration from Openclipart

I found this Google Drive link on Reddit which has all the books (more than 1000) which Springer has recently made free:

I then created a shortcut to this shared folder in my Drive and ran this script in Google Colab to copy all the iles:

Does anyone know how to follow an instance, so that it show on my home or local ?

Ex: I want to access the timeline of, like I can for @fosstodon

Hi everyone, first starting to delve in mastodon, and this seemed a good place to start.
Biologist with a passion for open-source and programming in general mostly .


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