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Super clever approach to stop companies who are accelerating climate change through fossil fuel extraction:

>> Go after the open-source code they depend on.

Get major open-source software libraries to use this:

🌏Climate Strike Software License

Is there any messaging app based on the Fediverese? If that even makes sense.

I mostly use WhatsApp (because my friends are all there). I tried persuading them to change, but Signal lack of features, when compared to the mainstream messaging apps, is a huge factor for most people not to use it.

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Pharmaceutical giants have added $51 billion to their market value in 2020 as they scramble to develop a coronavirus vaccine

#phama #profits #2020

Illustration from Openclipart

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I found this Google Drive link on Reddit which has all the books (more than 1000) which Springer has recently made free:

I then created a shortcut to this shared folder in my Drive and ran this script in Google Colab to copy all the iles:

Does anyone know how to follow an instance, so that it show on my home or local ?

Ex: I want to access the timeline of, like I can for @fosstodon

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Hi everyone, first starting to delve in mastodon, and this seemed a good place to start.
Biologist with a passion for open-source and programming in general mostly .


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