Road-mappin' with my two favorite allies.
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies.

Kijk 'When the Leeroy Jenkins joke gets old - Leeroy Jenkins' op YouTube

Maybe it's the lockdown or my Friday night glass of wine, but I ROFL'ed a bit too hard on this :blobcatgoogly2:

Great news!!

"Refund of pre-installed Windows: Lenovo must pay 20,000 euros in damages - FSFE"

I'm enjoying a bit too much I'd day, perhaps because it's free on today?

The missus b(r)ought a Windows laptop into our house, and I'm breaking my head doing some simple development with git, python and ansible..

Should I:

I'm pleasantly surprised how well the Delta Chat client works!! Keep up the good work @delta 💪

How I enjoy watching the original X-Files again over a nice cold 🍺

Garden infrastructure has been experiencing a DDoN(utrients) attack. Have been able to eliminate 98% of all deeply rooted culprits. Garden services are available again to the host.

Pffff requesting big amounts of data from Google has been quite challenge.

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I love it how reading global Mastodon toots can empty my mind before sleep.

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Didn't know you could play Street Fighter on your :android: phone :thinkhappy: Gives me cramps playing it though.. :thaenkin:

Here is a nice Haiku:
"When I think of it as my snow, how light it is on my bamboo hat."

Rant, references to reproductive organs 

Why do I have to work with something (Office365/SharePoint) that sucks big hairy balls....

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Mirrored from Twitter 

RT @edmunds
The Edmunds 2020 #TopRated best EV of the year is the @Tesla Model 3.

The Model 3 is unlike any other vehicle on sale, electric or ICE. Its features, technology, price and driving dynamics make it an impossible force to ignore. 

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