Over the past year we (5 people, 3 different nationalities) crafted a scientific manuscript and

> It has been reviewed by experts in the field and we request that you make major revisions before it is processed further.

So far so good. Proper scientific review. But now the journal asks us to

> Please revise the manuscript according to the reviewers' comments and upload the revised file within 8 days.

Lol 8 days for a major revision!? Are the mdpi guys kidding!? 😳

@mascha Just write a letter and ask for more time. Editors usually agree to that.

Yes, we probably go for the typical science mile and just ignore the deadline and wait for a few overdue reminders.. ;-)

Still, 8 days for a major revision over Easter sounds like... 🤔... they already priced the typical science mile in!? 🧐

@mascha We got something similar recently. They gave us 10 days initially, with two reviews asking for two major revisions coming late, 3 days before the deadline. The MDPI people were however quite open and offered us an extension, so I guess it should work for you too!

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