Move the west coast wildfire polygons to your area to get a better impression of their size:

City search only functional in the US, for worldwide movement use map navigation.

And really, Trump can still say, there is no problems?

This guy crafted a mask laucher for to fix the others not wearing one, "combining the second amendment with health care":
Allen Pan - Shooting Masks onto People's Faces

Good one ;)

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> Sovereign is a set of Ansible playbooks that you can use to build and maintain your own personal cloud based entirely on open source software, so you’re in control.

offers to be used. Note to myself: use it ;)

I found it a good read:

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations
Common color mistakes and how to avoid them

Someone posted it already, but cannot find the toot...

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford 

Watch on Invidious

Nicely done, with tesla coils there is an orchstra, too:

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RT @Der_Postillon
"Wir lassen uns unsere Demo nicht von einer Diktatur erlauben!" – Querdenker wollen nach Gerichtsurteil zu Hause bleiben
#Diktatur #Demoverbot #b2908

another CCC event coming up (in German): DiVOC: Push To Talk starts 2020-09-04
and @dic3voc on mastodon...

My small excursion into manjaro ended bad

* Installed additionally/parallel
* Installer replaces existing bootloader, does not look for other systems
* wants LUKS passphrase 2x
* upgraded packages
* gnome crashed during update, system did not start graphically any more
* I was unable to find/fix what went wrong or how to start a {g,k,lx}dm manually (systemd found active)

* recovered ubuntu grub from live distro

Phew, at least a working state with all config + data ;)

@openbuildingmap entered the fediverse.
Just learned about the interesting developments of
Houses within OSM arethe target.

An introduction was given at :

Good work, and free software to be released soon.

German press (Der Spiegel) about the necessary settings to be able to view content and not a popup.

Even if you do not understand a word of German: the length and screenshot should give you a hint, that they want you to shut down all shields.
It is time to fire back, I wonder how:
* Ctrl-w until there is nothing left
* configure your shields specifically (is a science, may change every day)
* use dummy account for "press" without shields (delete cookies etc)

I dont have a TV, so sometimes I stumble across documentations online.

More and more these tend to repeat themselves. Not generally and topic wise, but within one show. In the beginning some "results"/central statements e.g. of an interview are shown, and these are repeated 2 or more times later.

Why is it? Are people considered too dull to understand it when it is said only once? Is it for the american way of TV (running in the background all day, so you might miss half)?
I feel dumb then...

Goodbye browser, maybe goodbye Ubuntu?

Ubuntu chose to use snap for chromium, and that breaks so much for me: Again no passwords, no file access, no migration, no addons? Thanks, I am done and gone.

I immediately have to switch to an alternative browser.

For now I'll try with chrome, keeping FF as a backer (as it has always been). And try to use a browser-independent credential store (keepassxc).

Unfortunately Ubuntu forces users into non-free software (also their snap store is non-free).

Met a conspiracy fantast today. Whoo, a nice guy and I thought he was kind of smart, too. At least I remember having had some nice (small talk/bar) discussions a while ago.

Unbelievable that such a guy can get caught in the rabbit hole of these Internet idiots that gain traction currently.

At least that guy had a few terrible lies at hand that are really dangerous today ("there are no viruses", that kind of stories).

Take care of people wanting to shake hands!

If imagemagick calls you a resource hog with
> montage-im6.q16: cache resources exhausted `merged.jpg' @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/4083

increasing the memory limit in /etc/ImageMagic-6/policy.xml works


Another migration and passwords are gone again in the browser (chromium). WTF, and the import does not work. May be a snap issue, ubuntu chose badly to have critical software components defaulting to snap installs.

Apart not from being able to use system dirs (e.g. /tmp was default download location but is intransparantly unreachable/another one in snap) there are quite a few issues with it as it seems. And hard to debug...

In Germany autumn leaves everywhere. This year/summer was so dry, that many trees may have their last, early autumn now.

Very sad to see our environment being so much under pressure!

The protesters "against the virus" in Berlin did everything to spread the virus in their lines.
And brought labels like: "we are the second wave"


Unfortunately the stupidity will not die with them, since some will survive even the disease, while they will clog up our medical system and multiply death.

40 lashes may not even be enough for them to reboot their brains, apart from this not being a valid treatment.
Detention needed, but how? People brainwash themselves...

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