is an interesting initiative to foster the discussion about digitalization, structure based on the SDGs topics.

Although BehindTheOverlay still works, ivanruvalcaba forked it and improved the code, e.g. by
`Porting the original complement as Firefox Web Extension`

Have it installed, but don't use it regularly (second choice).

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Vodafone Hotspots: broken by design or by accident? At least the is already visible...

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Das wird einige besonders freuen: Der "Träcktor" kann nun auch gegen Google ReCAPTCHA vorgehen (falls damit ein Cookie gesetzt wird). Außerdem wurde das sogenannte "Cookie-Matching" von Google eingefügt.

already implemented WPA3 in their Firmware. Patches were also written for network manager, so Linux distributions can roll it out. Great, early adopters. Only Google implemented it in Android 10, hopefully it takes up some speed, there are some important features available. Encrypt open networks, forward secrecy and more.

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UntrackMe: Umwandlung von Youtube- und Twitter-Links in Invidious- und Nitter-Links.

And the list of necessary opt-outs and data grabbers is looong, hundreds of them! Can be scrolled, most have opt-out as explanation and it is unclear whether the option counts for all of them. Screenshot in German:

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Ebay via app does not allow to stop facebook from grabbing your data. Or it is so crude that nobody can understand it. I Have the german version in the screenshot

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Luckily in the internet people can have their quality stations. Better listen to your local independent radio stations, often banned to streams only.

One of the quality streaming services with moderated music all day is
Have fun listening!

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German radio stations are tuned to garbage music and ads since decades. There is literally no DJ to be found presenting his own style, only pseudorandom "charts" or "80s", repeated horribly. Maximum number of songs in the playlist is ~180 *3/60 = 9hrs of play, if every song is played. Not enough for even one day, apart from some songs repeated multiple times anyway. If the name contains "antenna", then it is worst...

Dell: "allow any cookies to deactivate our cookie spam". What?
Apart from the usual , that you cannot deny, only allow everything with a button.

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Just learned about this crazy quine. Really, this is possible? Unbelievable...

A nice visualization of deep dream and the genealogy of features in recognition. Makes the algorithm understandable with the eye...

Journey on the Deep Dream

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Printed maps from #OSM to go on the walls at work (they will be used with old style map pins to note where our service users in the rural areas are, alongside the new cloud and mobile phone based scheduling systems).

Its surprisingly hard (even in this modern era) even to buy a commercial map at this scale of areas outside big cities!

I used the site below to create them (we have two large networked Japanese printers/scanners that can produce colour A3 prints)

Notebook recommendation?

Should have enough RAM (32 G), and I want to put my 2 TB HD into it, if possible.
I am not sure about the new Thinkpads (P5x) durability.
Until now second hand TPs were fine, currently a T430 is the work horse but coming to age (upgrades not useful).

Linux (ubuntu) is a must, CUDA optional, but optimus may be too troublesome...

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