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Don't forget to visit sometimes
for interactive educational visualisation of data of the world. Gapminder has new storylines about the .

does not support firefox?!? WTF, how broken can tech be after years that corona hit us.

Missed the talk about

reminder to self to watch the re-live/final cut...

What a nice T shirt waiting for exchange! Not my size, so somebody else will wear it.

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bash based mobile interface:

Looks great to have functionality on a mobile device.

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is new to me and means hope for smartphones.
Currently only for a few devices available, but with proper by design in mind. does not offer a possibility to deny cookies. No "deny" besides "accept all" and nothing in "settings".

was not yet cheching there with the banner project, as it seems? Beat them off the internet, please.

What about the "app" then (electron nased), is there any choice then? Basically the app is just showing the webpage.


Are there any things to temporarily connect wires to a board?
Want to flash an ESP on a board and need to solder wires to each device. If there is some connector, that could be configured to fit and connected by pressing on board, that may be good to go while flashing.

Maybe a kind of tape with conductors where you can attach one side to the board, then at the other end wires where you need them.

puts a thing called on their devices, which is like dog shit: smelly at any place, if you think you got rid of it, the smell is suddenly back and does not go away.

I don't know, usually such a thing should be a reason to send device back for refund.

very annoying,
very privacy invasive,
very popping up in your face,
very uninstallable,
very angry user...

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Cryptanalysis of GPRS Encryption Algorithms GEA-1 suggest intentional weakness
Submitted by: anonymfus; Score: 243

24000 years cryosleep, then you wake up and go on as before.

Science fiction? No: reality!

> noyb aims to end “cookie banner terror” and issues more than 500 GDPR complaints
> Today, sent over 500 draft complaints to companies who use unlawful cookie banners - making it the largest wave of complaints since the GDPR came into force.

Support !
It is one of the best ROI investments you can find these days :)

Think about how much grief, time and confusion could be spared for all the constantly bullied internet users due to this campaign.

does anyone know a tool to keep multiple repos in sync?
seems abandoned, but did this kind of job...

"Bitte das Bild in 600x600 dpi"

Ist eine klare Steigerung zu den sonst von den in der "Print"-Branche üblichen sinnlosen "x dpi".
Jetzt neu: Unsinn im Qudrat \o/

Hint: ich frage immer, wie groß die Abbildung denn gedruckt wird und ernte Fragezeichen. Noch niemals habe ich darauf eine Antwort bekommen...

(german TV) fails to invalidate QR code. There is usually redundandy for a reason.

OK, maybe there was a logo, but don't forget: QR codes work even if scratched...

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„In der IT dieser Behörde haben wir derzeit eine Win/Win-Situation: Windows 10 _und_ Windows 7“

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