Got recommendations: Contagion, 30th floor, now you see me
And have one myself: eXistenZ, inception
May lookup existance, the crew, killing eve (series)

The coalition agreement itself still is named after the company, which is a menace of their office program, to change the title of documents into advertisements:

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In Munich the new coalition opens the door towards open source again, after the previous period, in which the successful migration to free software was turned back to let Microsoft take over.

There is an interesting concept of a "Munich Open Source Sabbatical" where developers are supported to work on FLOSS projects for some month. The projects should have a governmental use and benefit, but this opens wide opportunities.

Update: new battery, same problem with sudden power offs, even less run time :(
Charge electronics on laptop (not battery) seem to be broken.

Any chance to look into that? Apart from these issues the laptop is still a working horse.

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I just discovered `viu` a cli tool for displaying images right in place, without any distracting graphical UI and it's quite rad.

A tweet with interesting answers:

> Wouldn't it be great if Excel helped its users publish nicely machine readable (open) data easily? What features would you like to see to make that work?

Picks of interesting answers:
Get, Put and Deliver Data with Git Repositories:
Data Curator:
Qri helps you clean, version, organize, and share datasets
CSV Requirements: has GPS sytems with ~1m accuracy (2.5 while moving), PPP and DGPS support, and WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS, based on a ublox 7 (NEO I guess), 1-channel L1, NAVSTAR+GLONASS no RTK as it seems (NEO‑M8P required), as in

Wohlgemerkt, unter "Abbildungen:" steht etwas zu "Fotos oder
Zeichnungen", mit Grafiken sind
Diagramme gemeint.

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Aus einem Autorenmerkblatt:

> Grafiken: Am geeignetsten sind die Formate Excel (xls) und PowerPoint (ppt)

Dass Verlage keine Ahnung vom Setzen haben, ist ja normal, z.B. bei DPI-Angaben, da war noch kein einziger Verlag mit brauchbaren Angaben dabei (Grafiken mit 300 dpi, aber nicht sagen wie groß die Abbildung gedruckt wird, und Vektorgrafiken ablehnen). Warum man sich dann aber immer noch mit diesen unnützen, sich wichtigtuenden Regeln "Profi"-lieren will, werde ich wohl niemals verstehen.

The "anthopocene square metre" explains the human influence on the earth at a scale of 1 m². See Leicester's Jan Zalasiewicz in a Critical Zones Panel Discussion:

An easily understandable scale, e.g. 1 kg of concrete per m² have been used. Astonishing numbers add up for CO2, plastics and other materials.

Critica Zones exhibition opens virtually at ZKM. Arts and media meet science and philosophy. Interesting concepts in the climate change era. Huge streaming program, all recorded and translated. Tomorrow 18:00 CEST last streaming of opening. Workshops ahead, participation possible.

These times we are all moving only in our local area. There are also things to explore, take a map and alternate your ways. Whilst at it, you can start to contribute to data. Have a look at the app, which has simple tasks for you:

anwered a request (Heise provides a good one:, but they did not tell me, to whom all the data was sold. External call centers had all my data from the contracts (birthday etc.). Someone posted such companies here:

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Vodafone (Germany) finally has to pay for their misbehaviour: they constantly change contracts without consent. This happened to me multiple times, by active calls of their side. Finally I am on a no-cold-call list (Vodafone internally), and the calls and wrong contracts stopped. I was sold with Unitymedia. I did not ever want a contract again with Vodafone, but they have the cable monopoly now. It was similar ~20 years ago with a mobile. Keep an eye on your contracts!

imagemagick failed with memory issues, system wide config changes did the trick, see
USB old and new wording, as bad as it can get. The "new" 3.2 supersedes/is the same as 3.1 and 3.0, you may only differentiate by the "gen" extension. wtf? Bonus question: how will the new wording be when there is USB 3.3?

Anyway, honesty is one good reason for free software: it solves the developers and users problems. Only very few services (e.g. in the cloud) are like that, because they exist to generate money. Though there are quite some services driven by the community, then often very transparent and technically sound.

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