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Found a very good comment on hackernews by berkes about the successfulness of opensource and especially the fediverse:

> The ecosystem is vibrant, healthy, and will keep growing. > > in my mind there will eventually be a tipping point,

Why do so many people insist on Growth and Largest, as metrics for 'success'?

My local pub is a success. They are not worlds' largest pub. My Mom and Granny don't go there. They don't have parties with millions of people crammed in the place. Etc.


So far I'm loving doom . Almost completely replaced all the functionality I used in VSCode. Just have to get a live server/browser preview going for my webdev projects.

Recommendations for a good plugin? On VSCode I used the 'Live Server' addon.

I suppose I could just spin it up outside of emacs, but it would be nice to be able to launch and close a little test server from emacs.

I just set up with -proxy on my machines. Very cool stuff! I like how you can give it a list of DNS servers and it distributes my queries among them. Although NetworkManager kept changing the DNS settings in /etc/resolv.conf and I had to stop it from doing that in its config file.

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give me optimistic FOSS !! Yes the world's problems won't be solved with technology, but if this is our art, and this is what we can put into the world it's nothing short of cowardice not to try!!!!!

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Hey , what do you guys use to keep up to date on new book releases of your favourite authors? I know Goodreads can do that, but I don't want to sign up for it, especially since Amazon bought it.

Maybe some self-hosted thingy?

Very glad I made the switch some 4 years ago. I don't know if Windows 10 was always this awful or if it's gotten progressively worse over the past couple of years, but I don't think I could cope with it today if I were forced to use it as a daily driver.

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Having to install Windows on someone’s machine and having to deal with the OS always makes me appreciate the beauty of the more.

Everything feels much more purposeful. The system isn't constantly doing things you don't want it to do. You don't get spammed by pointless notifications. It's not trying to constantly bait and sell you into signing up for Microsoft services and using their voice assistant. And imo after just being re-exposed to Windows, Linux is just easier to use.

Trying #emacs again 

I'll give a shot again for my beginner JS environment. Last time I couldn't quite get used to the keybindings. I tend to go back to Codium, but I do want to get used to it, if only because I don't like Microsoft maintaining VSCode. Will start from scratch and try out doom emacs.

Any good plugin/tutorial recommendations for emacs?

From Codium I particularly liked IntelliSense, multi cursor editing, Prettier, git integration, Emmet and easy variable renaming.

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Thanks a lot to @kev and @mike for creating this space, @cooper for managing us, @joseph @codesections @Gina for taking care of the rest.

Thanks to all fellow users at this instance out there.

You all made my first experience with the fediverse a great and pleasant adventure.

Greetings to all my followers, if I only knew what caused you to do that. 🤔

Happy New year, glad to meet you all here!

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For all their problems, I'd like to thank computers for giving us a glimpse of a better world.

A bright and colorful world of overwhelming abundance. A world in which we all have superpowers.

A world in which we are free to be ourselves. A world in which we can find others we want to be with, and keep others who are toxic to us away.

The dopamine we get from interacting with this better world is not fake. A better world can be addiction-forming of course, like food. Who wouldn't want more?

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Okay Fediverse! 🤯

What do you NEED! ( or want )

For my new project ( I want to contribute back to the libre software movement by hosting some services.

What kind of free hosted service would YOU find useful?

Tell me what you NEED! ( or want )

With Love,

🚀 Boosts Welcome!🚀

I too copy paste old legal text for new trade agreements. Netscape was cool though. :blobthinkingeyes:

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Many people have many different kind of hardware and their choice of kernel version usually depends on how well a feature they need is working.

For example:
> I play few video games that require Vulkan support. But my laptop's integrated GPU runs Vulkan properly on Linux 5.04 kernel, not the current latest 5.10 version.
> I read that some people stay on Linux 4.14 (Linux LTS on Solus as of now) else they won't see a usable graphical interface when computer boots.

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Heads up, admins.
If you haven't blocked, now might be a good time to do it.

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Good evening all. I read a toot earlier about someone seeking help and or info on how to De"google". I got this link from a reddit. I hope this helps. Enjoy

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How long do you spend away from social media in waking hours? More precisely, what would you say is the average time between visits to tend to your "feeds"?

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