@koreymoffett @trippedup You'll be fine as long as you make snapshots before updates and check what apt is doing when updating. It can get a bit trigger happy with big updates and try to remove half your system 😁

Decided to go with for my tui music player. Works very well and is light on resources and works well out of the box. Now to memorize the keybindings 😁 Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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"How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%"


Turns out it's inefficiently parsing 10 MB of JSON every time you load the game

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@beetle_b Thanks for the advice! I'm limiting my non-stable packages to my WM and a select few applications that are glitchy otherwise or only have a testing branch. When would you recommend using --oneshot rather than adding to package.accept_keywords?

And do you have any advice for what to do it you should end up in dependency hell?

@kev KDE is nice. Full of customizability and features. I personally had issues with plasmashell crashing and multi monitor setups not working consistently though. Its a great DE otherwise though.

Fine window manager folk of fosstodon, what tui music players are popular at the moment? Need something comfy to use to replace my old trusty Rhythmbox.

Ideal features would be:
+ Simple configuration with good defaults
+ vim like keybindings
+ ability to browse my collection by artist or genre
+ search functionality
+ (ncurses is always nice) =]

@sotolf Looks like it!

"Slackware provides no graphical installation procedure and no automatic dependency resolution of software packages. 

It uses plain text files and only a small set of shell scripts for configuration and administration."

Interesting stuff.

Certainly the one I was thinking of 😋

@Zezin I mean if it works for them. It just means more movement on the keyboard as the keybindings were designed with qwerty in mind. I prefer to not have to move my hands too much for simple navigation. Same reason I prefer vim bindings over emacs 😋

@danpker @huy_ngo You can use most smart tvs without the privacy downsides by not hooking them up to the Internet and not using any of the built in applications. Especially on cheaper panels that works fine. More expensive models can have microphones and such built in which could to be taped over as a precaution. Sadly as youve seen, the market flipped and smart tvs tend to be mainstream and cheaper now, so you have to pay more for niche non-smart TVs. If you're buying new at least.

@Zezin Lots of rebinding and configuring I'd think. Vim on dvorak is very uncomfortable without changing keybindings 😅

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Programming language designers: with these concepts and features you can safely develop software that doesn't fit in your head!

Me: but I don't even want to work on software that's too complex to fit in my head. :blobcatnotlikethis:

@sotolf Suppose you're right! I heard it in some podcast a year ago or so. Where all installed packages are just in a long list in a text file rather than in a database, and if a package isn't there the system doesn't know about it. Could've been about slackware? Not sure

Reminds me, wasn't there a distro where the package manager was entirely text based and just used text files for managing dependencies and such?

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Am I missing something or are note taking applications somewhat redundant if you can just as easily create your own notes with folders, subfolders and markdown files?

Also expected that the kernel compilation would take longer than the firefox one. Certainly didn't :linus:

Kernel took a couple minutes, Firefox an hour or two.

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I really enjoy the flexibility you get in Portage with USE flags and the ability to mix and match stable and testing packages, as well as pull in third party overlays if something isn't in the official repos, similar to the AUR of sorts!

Still have to pull in a whole bunch of packages and merge my config files into the new system and make it look a little bit nicer, although I tend to not rice very much.

Also gonna have to set up DVXK+Proton+Wine soon for some games.

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