Spent half the day spinning up and configuring a VPS on the Microsoft Azure free tier that lasts a year. Pretty fun to mess around with, and I installed on it as my reader.

I already have a bunch of things running on my home server, but I don't like exposing it outside of my network, so a VPS is quite nice for that.

@marvka That's an awesome idea. Might have a play with that myself!

@yuvipanda Minifluxs or Mastodons?

The Miniflux UI is quite nice I think, very simple and does what I need it to do, namely display me my feeds and articles. And its dark mode is pleasant.

Azure on the other hand is a bit of a mess due to how modular and configurable it is, and it isn't particularly clear what is going to incur a cost and what isn't.

@marvka ah, Azure's. I too like Miniflux's, and detest Azure's.

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