@resist1984 @zeh @jgoerzen Thanks for the info. After reading into it more, I decided to not just not use anymore - but purge and delete my remaining keybase details.

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@jgoerzen @zeh It is a good evaluation of the 'secure-messengers' ecosystem. I think, prior, keybase also did a really good job in making it *easy* to have complete encrypted messaging - even connected to your existing gpg identity. Of course, with the zoom acquisition,
trust has been eroded by now and few people still consider it viable. The one issue I have with Signal is its continued refusal toward federation, but I realize it's a difficult topic to broach.

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Corona Contact Tracing Germany jetzt auf F-Droid 🚀

Unabhängig von Google; microg-App nicht erforderlich. Ausschließlich freie Software, reproduzierbar kompiliert.


(Dieses mal mit richtigem Link 🙂)

@sheogorath I think these are some interesting notes, especially concerning possible options going forward.

I run a small server for family and friends which is basically fully containerized, so I would love to read your thoughts on CoreOS at some point!

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The German Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch-Institut operate a web form which you have to fill out when you enter Germany from a COVID-19 high-risk area.
I had to submit my data, so I took a glimpse at what it does in the background.

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@ashwinvis @mikegerwitz there's also the wonderful xcape tool which let's you assign different actions to a key when being pressed alone or together with another.

In other words, with the remapping and xcape you can use capslock as both ctrl and esc - best of both worlds.

Not proud... 

@smt @mike There are three aliases I could never do without in my daily workflow:

`alias cl=clear`
`alias gp=git push`
`alias gpa=git pushall`

(with pushall defined in the git config to push to all connected remotes at once)

I really believe in the power of 2-letter abbreviations for the most used commands -
it saves a ton of typing headaches and wasted brain cycles over the long run,
honeslty. 😄

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@fribbledom No, it means "fast" as in "rm -rf /" means "read mail really fast from the inbox".

@paleobiologist All I'm hearing is that they were just siblings in disguise then 😊

@paleobiologist oh, this is cool! Do you know if the Dromaeosaurus hunted alone, or was it more like a pack animal?

@HayoLinn this is pretty specific so might not apply, but if in the future any of the windows-based games running on proton have too much of a perfomance hit for you, you can switch to GloriousEggroll's fork of it which runs many games quite a bit smoother than valve's version! github.com/GloriousEggroll/pro

@bamfic @mike Well, a tiktok ban, or at least some larger-scale scandal, seemed to be on the horizon anyway (decently short white-paper on some of its flaws: penetrum.com/tiktok/Penetrum_T) but I would have rather expected it from one of the appstore owners for violating user safety expectations or some such. But of course Mike is completely right in that something like this simply would not happen with federated open source - at the very least not for long.

@BinaryUnit @fribbledom I am not sure if it fits your needs but I host my own instance of github.com/shaarli/Shaarli and I absolutely love it for quickly bookmarking and tagging things. Although I have been eyeing github.com/jarun/Buku for a bit now. If only the two integrated!


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