Android messaging UI is brilliant...

"Phone number format incorrect" -> Retry sending UI action

@z3ntu that creates conflicts when the source branch is force pushed to (not the current branch but the one it's split off from)

@z3ntu it works when the branch you're split off from is force pushed

@okennedy it's official pmos, but not all stuff is merged yet

@JayVii_de it would be a pretty easy port, you can basically copy-paste the port for the A64-lts and have it run on the original pinebook. Only reason it's not in pmos currently is because none of the devs have an original pinebook.

@briana It's doing _something_ at least, I haven't been able to SMS yet with it and the dialer pops up when I call the pinephone.

@Clifford @danct12 alpine/apk is pretty similar to arch/pacman.

The package format is incredibly similar but alpine has stable branches, which is pretty great if you rely on your phone.

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