@martijnbraam @shiftphones ooooh nice. might need to upgrade to something like this instead of pinephone pro.

How is repairability? Because it looks better (in design and specs afaict) than the Fairphone 4 🤔

@martijnbraam @shiftphones Are there any plans for the older mediatek models? I'd love to upgrade the android 8 on my shift6m

@frainz @martijnbraam Yes, there are plans for further updates on our Mediatek devices. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot say if and when that will be the case.

@shiftphones @martijnbraam Well, you could start by sending Martijn one of these models as well

@martijnbraam @shiftphones Itll be fine. Its just a horrible 3.something custom kernel...

@martijnbraam @shiftphones woah this looks lovely! and you've got a smaller variant as well! this has got to be the only 5" android phone in the market right now -- absolutely brilliant.

@martijnbraam @shiftphones That cardboard box looks really cool!

I looked it up and the phone battery can be removed as well, I miss those days.

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