Ooh, I should pull out my S5 and see how well phosh and pmOS work after several months.

@martijnbraam When are they releasing? Or if it's too early to ask for an ETA, are they merged or waiting for merge?

@vurpo well this is a beta release of phosh, it needs some slight tweaks to sensitivity and I've had one crash on unlocking.

Not sure if there's an ETA for a full phosh 0.20 release, I think it'll be waiting for a full release before it gets in pmos stable and maybe we'll put a beta on edge

@martijnbraam @vurpo the only distro I'm aware of that has #phosh gestures out of the box is #manjaroARM
I was able to successfully build and install on #ArchLinuxARM without errors but couldn't boot into a UI, only a command line. I reverted back to the repo version as I didn't have time to poke around with it.
I would assume most other distros will wait for a stable release before packaging and including it. Manjaro seems to include some things early, which sometimes I like as it makes a good testing distro for things coming down the line.
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