What's the one true cable order?

Also what is the true way to say the colors?

@martijnbraam A poll created by someone who hasn't had to go cable hunting in the wild, who knows that There Is No True Order :-D

@proactiveservices I can say that I have pretty much never seen an A cable in the wild

@martijnbraam I've seen a mix in the same damn wall box on more than one occasion.

@martijnbraam As long as the cables end up on one side in the same order as on the other, then it doesn't matter.

@martijnbraam A for data, B for POE devices and cameras. Or whatever the engineer specs.

@martijnbraam T-568B, unless you're working in a government facility, then it's T-568A only.

@martijnbraam The U.S. gov requires it for federal contract projects. T-568B seems to be the most common (from what I've seen), so I was surprised to find T-568A at my local county building, but it turns out there's a reason for that.

@martijnbraam Do I have to care? They're straight-through except in the case of crossover cables (I still have one of these).

@martijnbraam depends. I always say it primary-secondary; so an orange with a white stripe would be an Orange-White cable for instance 🤓

@RyuKurisu I just find white-orange way easier to say quickly than orange-white. Especially in dutch :D

@martijnbraam ...but what if you have orange-white && white-orange cables bundled together? ✌️🤪

@martijnbraam orange candy (and blue candy, green candy…) :3

The color standards come from telephony. In Ethernet we only use the first four ring colors, blue-orange-green-brown(there is a 5th, slate), on the first tip color, white. (There were 4 others, red-black-yellow-violet) In the first pair you have blue with white and white with blue. So both ways are correct but only for one wire in the pair. Using all these colors there were 25 possible combinations. A standard model 66 punch block vould hold 25 pairs. Bell Labs had a plan.

@Tay0 I have some "network" cable with 8 pairs instead of 4 with the extra colors, no clue where I got it from :P

@martijnbraam How about using all the different orders of the 8 wires, so one can recognise which cable ends where by the order? :-) Yes, I know, electrical engineers would kill me and give me a lecture on what a "twisted pair" is. (So maybe untwist it?)

But seriously, I like orange at the side. (I never bothered to remember, which letter this is.)
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