What would you like to see in postmarketOS v21.12 SP5?


Battery life improvements would be great although that sounds more like a kernel issue than a PMOS issue.

@martijnbraam the gestures, which I'm not sure if they landed in edge yet, are one of the most awaited features for me.

@martijnbraam support for the Pixel 3a as it won't get security updates anymore 🙂

@tb @martijnbraam A big guide to absolute begginers in porting or a book!

@martijnbraam :blobthinkingeyes:

- phosh gestures (I really hate the tap-bar-to-menu when I type message or in firefox full screen mode when it mess with the video controls) ;
- working sound (phone call only out on Left channel with headphone, when it work properly) ;
- partitioning options in the installer (I mainly want to have a separate /home, like I do on my computer, easier reinstall/distro testing) ;
- Lomiri (best UX to me, but UBPort is sooo weird).

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