The music controls in the latest Phosh are really really nice :)

@martijnbraam I hope they can be disabled. IME those are really easy to accidentally press in a pocket.

@be @martijnbraam The way my phone does it is that it never turns on the screen if the proximity sensor finds something covering it :blobcat:

(To be precise it tells you to hit the power button first, so you're not locked out if the prox sensor breaks)

@martijnbraam hey, a random question! how long does your phone lives from one full charge? esp. if you play podcasts and/or music? I really like what phosh and pinephone turn into lately and even thinking about trying to us it as daily driver.

@efftoyz hmm I don't really use my pinephone as media player, I just use it for calls or quickly looking up webpages so it lasts a day for me with that.

@martijnbraam wow, impressive! last time I checked it lasted like 6 hours in standby, but then someone smart made a patch for saving energy and better sleep, and after that I didn't try it ;)

@martijnbraam love using my for Shortwave internet radio player. 😻

It really has led me to so many new entertaining radio stations.

25,500 internet radio stations on the is :linux: ❤️

Is there a way to make a clean reinstall of numberstation? (after I tried to import some totp js file, it doesnot start anymore, without error output in ash)

@tencarsb hmm you can reinstall numberstation, but it's probably failing on some corrupt key now and that's stored in the operating system keyring. Won't be easy to clear.

I should add a command line option to force reset it for this. Can you start numberstation from a terminal and get the error when it crashes?

unfortunately it doesnot tell any error in the terminal, it just returns to the prompt.

I reinstalled postmarketaos today and guess what: after installing numberstation it had some of my otp keys allready running! (i rsynced my old homedir back into the fresh install). So it did import some, but did not start anymore?! that is odd

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