@martijnbraam Move things around a little and then it makes an ok pinephone wallpaper too

@silverhax Doesn't seem to leave a lot of space for the normal UI elements on the top and bottom. Suprised this fits this well at all :D

@martijnbraam you have an extra space in the word "handled" in the top middle right block of text ("by default the logging is ha ndled...")

@martijnbraam I'd write using rc-service instead of just service maybe?
And pmbootstrap flasher flash_boot should be flash_kernel I think? Iirc we renamed that years ago

@martijnbraam kinda curious over stuff but does pmos over hybris support volte?

@meeper no hybris support in postmarketOS. VoLTE support is also basically non-existent except for the PinePhone.

@martijnbraam last I checked pmos offered volte as an option. I hopr the pine succeedes

@meeper that has been removed quite a while back again also because it was a huge mess and a pain to maintain. Mainlining is the future

@tencarsb alpine-sdk is a superset of build-base with git and abuild added

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