Linux on Tegra grows!

On ASUS Transformer (TF101/201/300/600) tablets, the open-source U-Boot bootloader can now replace the closed-source "stock" one, thanks to work by Svyatoslav Ryhel (clamor-s/clamor95)

The porting mostly occurred in the "postmarketOS on Transformers" Telegram group, which you may join here:

@tuxdevices I'm saddened to see postmarketOS community members use Telegram for that. It's one of the projects core values to not use proprietary walled gardens like that and #matrix has proven itself to be a worthy alternative, but then our community goes out and do things like that 😢

If they need a separate chat from the regular mainline channel, we are happy to make an official one for it in the pmOS space

@martijnbraam @bart actually true, my bad! (and agree with the telegram bit)

it's bridged to matrix here, or vice versa:

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