So did a bit reverse engineering, now I know a bit of the blackmagic hdmi camera protocol :)


Thank you for sharing. This is really interesting.

@sohkamyung Yes, very interesting. As we have some reverse-engineered data too on commands sent via Wifi to e.g. Canon cameras, this could result in being able to emulate Blackmagic cameras :) @martijnbraam

@jwildeboer @sohkamyung that would be interesting. Even better if the canon firmware can do CEC and implement these weird BMD commands, then they'll Just Work(tm) on atem minis

@martijnbraam Found a typo: >The the next command is a vendor command,

(double "the")

...also I refreshed to make sure it wasn't fixed already, and now I get a 502 error. Darn. I wasn't done reading it.
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