Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D

@martijnbraam It looks like an old-style laptop keyboard. Does it feel as nice as one?

@jaywilliams It's been modelled after a Psion keyboard. The keys feel nice and clicky but I have to get used to the smaller keys :)

@jasper @jaywilliams well it's larger than a n900 keyboard on which you can type quite quickly once you're used to it

@martijnbraam I skipped an update from n810 to n900 cause it was a little expensive on release

And when I had enough money - hardware looked a little outdated and I thought that maybe I'd just wait for something else

And, finally, 12 long years of waiting are finally over!

Patience is a virtue :) and You turned out to be a virtuoso :))

@barszczyk back in n810 days I was quite optimistic about mobile devices future :D

@fedor well, their future isn't that bad I'd say - they're the size of a pancake, true, but the computing power and possibilities they offer are awesome - if I'm not wrong, they have 10 or 100 times more power than cpus sent onboard the Apollo 12 mission

From @PINE64 once it's released. @martijnbraam being a dev gets advanced pre-production units. 😉

That looks beautiful! Did the keyboard come with built-in battery to charge the main unit and does this one still have it, or am I mistaking this one for something else?

@heywood this does have a battery in the keyboard yes, and there's an usb connection on the keyboard to charge that

@martijnbraam this is what I was talking about earlier! Pinephone with a keyboard! <3


Do you know anything about the repairability of this phone? For example, is it possible to change the battery without much effort?

@martijnbraam @Herbstfreud Yes. And the battery is equivalent to some Samsung one, so it should be quite easy to find replacement.…
@Herbstfreud @martijnbraam You have to remove the battery to insert a sim/SD card.
To get an idea about repairability I recommend a look at the spare parts sold by the vendor:
@martijnbraam How's the strength of the hinge? Will it hold the phone steady if you pick up the whole mess by the keyboard and start thumb-typing?
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