So flatpak only allows none of the devices in the sandbox, or every single one of them? I can't specify I just need a specific usb pid/vid or something?

Great sandbox

apparently udev rules are also not a thing. I mean flatpak is perfect for shitty hardware manufacturers apps, would be great if it can actually talk to hardware...

@martijnbraam it's sandbox in the sense that it let's you eat sand and get it into your eyes
@martijnbraam It works if people manually install the udev rule first

@mavis ofcourse it does, but what's the point of having the magic one click install thing if it doesn't work after installing

@martijnbraam inelegant, but you can add a permission to break out of the sandbox. This way you can install the appropriate udev rules at startup. The problem is that uninstalling won't remove the udev rules. In these cases a regular package is probably the best option.

@martijnbraam sounds like something portals are supposed to solve...

@BrianA @martijnbraam i meant freedesktop portals, a standardized way to access a lot of apis (even from in a flatpak)

@martijnbraam The Late Night Linux folk criticised the crap sandboxing of the various neopackagers of late. As a relative newcomers, it seems so strange to me that you've got systemd with it's amazing sandboxing features and then the likes of flatpak.

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