In case you're wondering what the Megapixels icon is based on

@martijnbraam Was a bit obvious to me as I disassembled some webcams and saw few of these sensors but I guess not everyone did that.
@lanodan @martijnbraam im a special case ig since i know what these look like but dont what icon you're refering to lol

@piggo @lanodan This is postmarketOS with the Phosh UI running on a PinePhone

> what phone OS is that?

one that does not track you or sell your data to the highest bidder. 😉
@martijnbraam @lanodan

@martijnbraam what is the megapixels icon? I don't think I've ever seen it.
@RafiX @martijnbraam Oh, I see now.

I thought that the look of cmos sensors was pretty well known, haven't most people seen/used a DSLR camera? :thinking_cirno:

@xue these things are designed to have swappable lenses so no, the easiest way is to drop the camera :D

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