@linmob @martijnbraam does anyone know how to add a new account to on under ?

When hitting the + sign, nothing is going on. already reinstalled gnome-authenticator but without luck. Could not find any answers in the net so far....

@pocketvj @linmob The Gnome Authenticator are more focussed on flatpak and gtk4 than actually fixing the bugs in their app. You can also add numberstation on postmarketOS which does the same thing as gnome authenticator but actually works

@martijnbraam @linmob
Thank you very much for the replay and creating numberstation!

However, how would we install it correctly? git clone from your repo (git.sr.ht/~martijnbraam/number) or switching postmarketos to "edge" branch (how to do that?).
"apk add numberstation" will not find the package.
sorry for all those questions....

@pocketvj @linmob oh it's meson build && ninja -C build && sudo ninja -C build install

@martijnbraam @linmob

Struggling on meson.build:6:0: ERROR: Dependency "libhandy-1" not found...
any solution for this?

BTW...for your git readme:

# install dependencies
sudo apk add ninja
sudo apk add meson
sudo apk add libhandy
sudo apk add cmake

# clone repo
git clone

# build and install
meson build && ninja -C build && sudo ninja -C build install

@martijnbraam @linmob
Thank you very much, finally a working Authenticator ;)

Install on :

# install dependencies:
sudo apk add ninja
sudo apk add meson
sudo apk add libhandy1
sudo apk add libhandy1-dev
sudo apk add cmake
sudo apk add py3-keyring
sudo spk add py3-otp

# clone repo
git clone git.sr.ht/~martijnbraam/number

# cd into folder
cd numberstation

# build and install
meson build && ninja -C build && sudo ninja -C build install

@pocketvj @linmob
Sorry, just to make sure, ninja is a build system here, isn't it? So cmake shouldn't be a build dependency?

Never heard of ninja nor meson before, I've only ever compiled apps using cmake. It's unusual for me that there are two build systems used together.



@normandc @pocketvj @linmob meson is the build system, ninja is the build runner, but it _can_ use cmake as a runner. It's not a dependency.

@martijnbraam @pocketvj @linmob
Ok, I got it compile, but I had to create a symlink to /usr/local/share/glib-2.0 as on debian the directory is in /usr/share/ instead. I doubt it's the proper way, but it works.

I'm surprised that at first launch it requests creation of a kdewallet? I thought this was a Gnome app?


@normandc @pocketvj @linmob it uses python-keyring to store the data in any keyring, if the gnome keyring isn't open then kdewallet might pop up if it's installed.

the /usr/local/share dirs are for locally compiled packages, you can override the prefix so it uses /usr/share but that's kinda reserved for files from the pacakge manager. Weird glib doesn't read from the local path for you

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