@martijnbraam You are probably right that it's not the most efficient solution but it sure as hell is the coolest one!

Amazing, that is a very interesting solution! Never thought of it, but it's all there already, why not use it for music :)

I ended up hosting a git-annex repo with my music on a raspberry pi. On my Pinephone I can now get and drop single artists, albums or tracks just as it suits my mood. Using reverse ssh tunnels, this works from everywhere too 🎶

@martijnbraam LOL, fun. For non-packagers, syncthing is also a nice option... :). And no, won't package all CDs for downloads from its repository before someone asks :)

@martijnbraam fun! Thanks for the write up!

Saw something similar : an artist (@kptnfrance) shipping his (libre) music through debian packages : kptn.org/debian-kptn-flammes.h

@martijnbraam @arthurlutzim @kptnfrance
I guess it could be useful in main repos for:
- Soundtracks for games
- Samples for DAWs
- Executable music (~demoscene)

Authentication is then handled on the network level? The repo can only be accessed from your local network or a VPN? Or is it public and there are no copyright problems with hosting these music files?


Hey @martianmoorgrove Would you be interested in working on an actual packaging of music and other media? If so, ping me, because I'm working on exactly this!

@emacsen @martijnbraam

Mentioned me by accident? :)

Regardless, this music packaging is interesting.


I like the idea of sharing media with package managers (it would be cool to have discographies as meta-packages that depends on albums that depend on tracks packages)...

...but just out of curiosity, if it's just for personal sync, why is Syncthing not an option?

@alexl there's a metapackage that depends on all music, a metapackage per artist that depends on the whole discography and then there's the album packages that actually contain the tracks.

also for the why, why not :D


You know what? We really need a user-level package manager like npm or cargo but for sync of media with depenencies structure

@martijnbraam This reminds me of the time someone set up a #Spacewalk sever that downloaded episodes of Doctor Who, packaged them in rpms and pushed them to a folder on their partners laptop. :)

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