@martijnbraam I love it! I never use the feature, but glad it's available.

@martijnbraam @librefree The most common use of a QR code reader for me is to use my country's contact tracing system :blobcat:

(It builds a timeline linked to the person's identity, which is terrible for privacy, but that's what we got.)

@martijnbraam @librefree And used for swiss payment bills. They come now with a QR-Code showing the details of the payment. So I might port my (python3) application to the pinephone ! Just showing the bill to the phone and enter the payment details in SQLite DB without typing !👆 😃

@martijnbraam have been following your blog on your work on Megapixels, amazing work!

@martijnbraam great, working on #pinePhone #manjaroARM.

I hope there will be a system to configure the handling of different QR code types (vcard, 2FA, …)


@martijnbraam Nice!
It would be cool if the UI was asynchronous since I as a handicapped user can only hold the phone still xor tap on the screen.

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