If your login form is handled by javscript, add a method="post" to the form anyway because your JS will fail and make it fall back to dumping my login info in the URL

@martijnbraam Using Javascript at all for a form is a sin and should be forbidden

@bart @martijnbraam

Have to disagree. You can do _way_ better interactive input checks, and PUT/POST of a collected JSON object is better than the whole Rube Goldberg PRG approach.

@vandys @bart Have to disagree, putting JS validation in your form doesn't mean it has to be in your submit, it probably can work way better if it isn't in your submit and it validates when actually changing form fields.

This way it also works if you don't have JS.

@martijnbraam @bart

We'll indeed have to agree to disagree. I'm a _very_ old hacker, starting at v7. And yet I can accept that the tech baseline moves upward. Supporting non-JS browsers is in the same quadrant as supporting lynx or telnet terminal sessions. It is sometimes worth doing, but it is not _inherently_ worth doing.

@martijnbraam If the purpose of the button isn't to do a good old traditional HTML form submit, then it shouldn't be a submit type input to begin with.

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