Writing documentation is enjoyable, more people should do it

@yara I just enjoy writing docs, it's coding without actually thinking about the code :)

@martijnbraam absolutely. I've been making a lot of effort to do it at my new job. And it's actually working.

We have questions come in every once in a while and as soon as we find a solution I write up a page on how to do it.

It takes a bit of time but it's pretty rewarding when you see people follow it, or reference it to others when a question comes up in chat.

Some of is in the variable names. Use little short names while you're coding. When it's done, do find/replace to make them obvious.

The best part is when you come back to complex code months later and you need to re-orient yourself to what you were thinking. The joy of finding the notes you left yourself is *such* a relief.

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