New @postmarketOS installer feature. You can now choose if you want to install to the SD you're booted from or install to the internal storage :)

@martijnbraam @postmarketOS How does installing to the SD you're booted on work? Are the contents of the live OS that are required for install all loaded into RAM before formatting the SD card?

@cogitri @postmarketOS no the installer has 3 partitions, boot, empty, and installer. when you choose SD it will install in the empty partition and once you reboot it will find the installer partition, remove it and expand the rootfs to the full SD size.

@martijnbraam @postmarketOS I had actually asked purism why that wouldn't be possible on their pure os running phone given that Linux typically can run from a ISB drive or external storage u it. Then you wouldn't have to flash your device with such large files as the OS

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